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This small liberal arts college is only half a mile from the shores of Lake Michigan, and 30 miles north of Chicago. The college is spread out over 107 acres, with three campuses that are divided by wooded ravines, making the college home to more than 250 species of plants and 187 species of birds. This serene environment is the perfect place for study; there are over 30 majors offered at Lake Forest. Students are offered a flexible curriculum that allows students to pursue a double-major and minor. Although Lake Forest is relatively secluded, it is considered a part of the Chicago metropolitan area, and is one of the most scenic, historical, and architecturally significant suburbs of Chicago
Johnson Science Center at Lake Forest CollegeLake Forest CollegeLake Forest CollegeYoung and Reid Halls at Lake Forest CollegeNorth and Young Halls at Lake Forest CollegeYoung Hall at Lake Forest CollegeNorth Hall at Lake Forest College